#31DaysofBiz | HR Unequivocally

About the Biz Company Name: HR Unequivocally Who we talked with: Nikki Pounds, Owner Year established: 2018 How to Find Them: www.hrunequivocally.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Get to Know: HR Unequivocally HR Unequivocally® is a full-service human resources consulting and coaching practice. HRU... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | The Yolk Cafe

About the Biz Company Name: The Yolk Cafe Who we talked with: Subrina Collier, Owner Year established: 2012 How to Find Them: www.theyolkcafe.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Get to Know: The Yolk Cafe We are a contemporary, award-winning breakfast and brunch restaurant located in the... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Raven Soloman Enterprises

About the Biz Company Name: Raven Soloman Enterprises Who we talked with: Raven Soloman, CEO Year established: 2017 How to Find Them: www.ravensoloman.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn Get to Know: Raven Soloman Enterprises RAVEN SOLOMON is a successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Nona’s Sweets Bakery & Cafe

About the Biz Company Name: Nona's Sweets Bakery & Cafe Who we talked with: Dominica Clementi, Co-Owner Year established: 2000 How to Find Them: www.nonassweets.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Get to Know: Nona's Sweets & Bakery Cafe Nona’s Sweets Bakery Cafe is a retail... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | BioArmor, LLC

About the Biz Company Name: BioArmor, LLC Who we talked with: Salvatore M. Toscano, Member Manager Year established: 2014 How to Find Them: www.bioarmorglobal.com Socialize: Facebook, Instagram Get to Know: BioArmor, LLC Bioarmor is an infection control company specializing in FDA safe and effective... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Your Custom Catering & Events

About the Biz Company Name: Your Custom Catering & Events Who we talked with: Nate Turner, Executive Chef & Owner Year established: 2012 How to Find Them: www.yourcustomcatering.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter Get to Know: Your Custom Catering & Events Catering shouldn’t just mean purchased food,... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Styles by Joshua

About the Biz Company Name: Styles by Joshua Who we talked with: Joshua B. Moore, Owner & Stylist Year established: 2017 How to Find Them: www.StylesByJoshua.com Socialize: Facebook, Instagram Get to Know: Styles by Joshua I believe in only doing what fits you and your... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Rae Images

About the Biz Company Name: Rae Images Who we talked with: Ebony Stubbs, Owner/Headshot & Branding Photographer Year established: 2012 How to Find Them: www.raeimages.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Get to Know: Rae Images Rae Images is a boutique photography studio specializing in business headshots... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Leslie’s Laundry Care

About the Biz Company Name: Leslie's Laundry Care Who we talked with: Domonique Brown Year established: 2017 How to Find Them: www.leslieslaundrycare.com Socialize: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Get to Know: Leslie's Laundry Care Leslie’s Laundry Care's mission is to provide mobile laundry and dry cleaning services at... Read More

#31DaysofBiz | Leaf Burrito

About the Biz Company Name: Leaf Burrito Who we talked with: Marc Mataya - Founder, Owner, and Inventor; Lauri Eberhart - Chief Communications Officer, Founder Year established: 2015 How to Find Them: www.leafburrito.com Socialize: Facebook, Instagram Get to Know: Leaf Burrito Leaf Burrito®, a reusable... Read More